May 10, 2020
Lockdown Tales in Style

We’re so happy to welcome Ghislaine from Tales in Style to our guest blog this month. Has anyone else been tempted to give their wardrobe a lockdown style overhaul? We’ve made the grave mistake of emptying our wardrobe onto the bed.. we made need to grab her for a quick Zoom call SOS!   Lockdown […]

April 21, 2020
Award Winning Shampoo a Solid 10/10

We caught up with Sue Campbell, Founder of award winning solid shampoo and conditioner brand KIND2. Here she shares with us her journey and 5 reasons to make the switch to solid shampoo and conditioner. Here’s what she had to say… “It’s exciting to be part of a movement of people that are challenging existing […]

March 17, 2020
Spotlight on Immune Health

Immunity is the top of our health concerns at the moment. Of course, there are no proven remedies for avoiding or treating corona specifically, because it’s a novel virus. But at this time of year when colds and ‘flu prevail, we should anyway focus on strengthening our immune system by getting optimal intakes of essential immune nutrients, managing stress, and making use of traditional respiratory system remedies.