November 10, 2020
Love The Oceans

Love the Oceans (LTO) is a non-profit marine conservation organisation working in Jangamo Bay, Mozambique since 2014. Jangamo, whilst home to a huge host of marine life, has never been studied in depth for any prolonged amount of time. LTO is working to protect and study the diverse marine life found here, including many species […]

November 6, 2020
Avoiding Eat, Sleep, Lockdown, Repeat

We’re thrilled to welcome Mindset & Confidence Coach Nicky Kentisbeer to our blog to guide us through avoiding eat, sleep, lockdown repeat as we enter into our second UK lockdown.   As we find ourselves faced with a second lockdown, it can be easy to start to feel a sense of dread at the thought […]

July 5, 2020
Lessons in Lockdown

I have heard lots of people describe lockdown as feeling surreal, like a bad dream or something out of the movies. For me the best way I can describe lockdown is that feeling you have when you’ve had far too much Sauv Blanc and the room is spinning around and around and you can’t seem […]