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02nd Mar, 2020
That’s A Wrap Folks.

We are thrilled to kick off our Trader Tuesdays by meeting Angela from Lottie's Beeswax Wraps. Angela was one of the first small business owners to sign up with IWCTE and her enthusiasm for her business was infectious! We caught up with Angela this week to get the low-down on the lady behind the wraps..

17th Mar, 2020
Spotlight on Immune Health

Immunity is the top of our health concerns at the moment. Of course, there are no proven remedies for avoiding or treating corona specifically, because it’s a novel virus. But at this time of year when colds and ‘flu prevail, we should anyway focus on strengthening our immune system by getting optimal intakes of essential immune nutrients, managing stress, and making use of traditional respiratory system remedies.

09th Mar, 2020
IWCTE + Virtual Alchemy = Gold

Originally from Belfast, Janet is the great granddaughter of an accomplished watercolour and oil painting artist. She too was expected to be a wonderful artist but in her own words; “can’t draw for toffee” so she swapped the brush for a computer mouse to become an industrial graphics engineer. Now Janet is into hand forming […]

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